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Many app bundles contain several executables. And note that, on that same page, Xubuntu and Lubuntu are offered up as alternatives for less performant computers. I have no idea how to use this theme. It is because I want to do something, code something, watch something, read something. You don’t need to tabletize your interface to implement this concept.

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I prefer Vista’s taskbar – where running apps are grouped together.

Tecra A – Toshiba

A lot of google apps are running on startup. And the single biggest performance improvement in it comes from, you guessed it, the SSD. Would it really have been so terrible to leave the old directory alone and call the new one “Program Files x64 “?

OK Click here to know more. Installers that looked to that folder were doing it wrong anyway and wouldn’t work on non-English machines.

Linux Mint updates apply in the background, don’t lengthen boot time, and leave existing settings unchanged.

No such file or directory Done moving Vista startup sound: To this day I frequently end up having to look in two places vksta find something, because it’s never obvious which of the two Program Files it should be in.

NET, or some other package with zero user notification and your computer will come to a halt. I really question whether Microsoft engineers even use their own OS. Microsoft employee [1] https: It never told you why the program needed elevated access, vistw that it needed it for it to do what you wanted.


Really, you don’t even need to plan on making revenue with the app, it’s so easy to just include ads.

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I’m using Win10 for years now and never noticed any ads. For a more realistic number, I just checked my Arch-Linux-based home server, which 103y a fairly small installation including some multimedia and X11 stuff for PulseAudio, mpd and youtube-dl, though.

Like you launch a remote desktop connection, you get a grey window asking for credentials, the login is not selected by default and no keyboard shortcut allows you to select the login box, you must use the mouse. I think that was sarcasm. 1003g commandline environment and toolset are ass. Cista, if you were a small indie developer, releasing an upgrade now pretty much required buying an expensive certificate to sign it, lest UAC keep warning your users that they were launching an untrusted file from the scary internet.

Bixolon STP-103 Free Driver Download

Windows often is obtuse and gets in the way. Windows search will often just refuse to give the correct answer until you type an exact match.

Besides, I already have sane deployment groups and tags defined by server environment and function. I think a lot of it is helped by the way MacOS works. But noisy UAC ends up being ignored completely by users – there’s a very fine line to walk in order to ensure that it protects truly sensitive actions and is recognised by users as such.


Try the Cinnamon WM on Linux. My biggest problem with Windows 10 right now is that with creators update, they basically decided to break scrolling on touchpads. Valid vistz 4 years starting from the purchase date of your Toshiba product Service Description: Keep an eye on all your Toshiba assets in no time and with zero effort with the Toshiba Business Support Portal.

In the s operating systems such as Multics existed, which even then had the idea of device independence. I’m a frequent sleeper and I depend on the feature. That’s probably more generous than necessary. There’s something to be said to having the developers actually caring about making a useful computer without allowing the marketing department to take charge.

They already had it and I decided to play around with it. Yes, Europeans generally speaking have smaller cars than Americans. It is a nightmare full of gratuitious undocumented feature changes. Next time your machine wakes up by itself, go to a DOS prompt and type “powercfg -lastwake” That will tell you how it happened.