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But I love this one more. If there is one thing I can say it a dislike, would be it does not allow you to download saved Itunes, which if you have already bought them, you should own them and now be restricted to downloading them on another system. Red Zunes were put up for auction in various stores in the Los Angeles area on October My Zune connects to it and allows me to play music off my Zune on my which is connected to my surround sound system. Another way to put the Zune to use and get your money worth. I’ve never been so aggravated in my life. It was a very fair and reasonable price.

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The Microsoft Zune 30 also features a FM tuner that lets you tune into any local radio station or into programming. If you’re looking for a 30GB media ggi that has wireless capabilites, FM tuner, decent battery life, and an easy to use interface, then I would reccommend getting the Zune.

I love how zune is made for music gif and that’s just what it does, all my music sounds amazing when I hook it up to my speakers or head phones. But, after the first couple times of figuring out what folders are to be uploaded its managable. Other than that I love my machine and would recommend it to anyone.

If you want to improve the Zune’s functionality, it also supports various accessories from a remote device to a docking station. I’m content with whatever. The zune is basically like the Ipod Video with a larger screen. No movies or TV shows are available to download currently as well.


Microsoft Zune 30 White (30 GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

Product Key Features Storage Capacity. About this product Product Information Watch videos in rich color and a resolution of x pixels on the 3-inch LCD screen of the Microsoft Zune digital media player.

My only gripes with the unit is when I used it the very first day, songs would cutout for a split second and resume playing at regular intervals. When you need to load up content to the Zune, simply connect it to your computer; it will automatically detect your existing media files from iTunes or Windows Media Player and import them.

I like gi fact that it comes in different colors. I love the design on it. I bought this to finally have my first mp3 player that wasn’t handed down and used.

Microsoft Zune 30 Black (30 GB) Digital Media Player

Lots of people out there are going to answer that question with a definitive NO. The 3-inch widescreen display of this Zune 30GB MP3 player offers bright and colorful images in portrait as well as landscape mode. You may also like. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Red Xune were put up for auction in various stores in the Los Angeles area on October First off, it read a lot of my MOV files as music, not Movies.

Microsoft Zune 30 Pink ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Using the FM transmitter with the Zune through the car speakers sounded good. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. It was released on November 14,simply named the Zune.


Battery life is quite nice too, I was using a Zune, showing it off to friends and family for almost 12 hours straight with no breaks and it went down to about half.

My wife was happy when I used our wedding picture as my background. In early Augustof the dark brown Halo 3 Zunes were distributed free of charge by the USO to soldiers deployed to foreign soil.

Microsoft Zune 30 White (30 GB) Digital Media Player

The official fix was to drain the device battery and then recharge after midday GMT on January 1, Cesar Menendez from the Microsoft Zune team confirmed Pink Zune availability around mid-May for a limited edition production run ofunits.

But I’m sure that it will be with a couple of updates. I do love my Zune though, just not the software. Also, this version of the zune doesn’t have a click-wheel.

See details for additional description. The radio is a great addition, but does not pick up stations quite gi good as the Zen did. I’m using the unit in advance to see how it works.