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Please open a terminal and do: It will automatically keep you logged onto the strongest signal even when you move between nodes so that there will be no perceptible drop in connection. Personalize Wi-Fi — change settings for one AP; network follows. AirTies is doing precisely this. When your next door neighbour is downloading a large file or watching a video, it reduces your Wi-Fi speed when you are using the same frequency channel. The parameters of this new wireless setup this AP to join the network apply the usg and allows you to send Air.

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Founded inAirTies is a Turkish networking based in Istanbul that specializes in wireless networking solutions. Monitor Wi-Fi — collect Wi-Fi history for later analysis. EDIT output of iwconfig: Easy Installation And Expansion You do not have to be a technical specialist to install or manage this premium quality Wi-Fi mesh.

If you can use the dongle, I will send a patch to kernel maintainers. Quick setup using mobile application. Please open a terminal and do:.

Yes, it sprang to life. Based on our initial usage, the AirTies Air worked quite smoothly even if only over 2. I also know from the Debian wiki that AR is supported by the ath9k-htc module.


AirTies Managed Mesh Solution

Sign up using Email and Password. Wireless Video Operator grade video streaming capable.

Auto Mesh increases the efficiency of air time and is particularly beneficial for real-time wireless video distribution. There are no problems now.

AirTies Mesh was designed to optimize wireless coverage range in the least invasive and most power efficient manner.

Extending the mesh with a 4th node is as simple as powering up an additional Air and pushing the WPS button. If the two units are well positioned and are setup correctly, the two status indicators for the 2. I copy-pasted the commands used by chili We all hate to see videos interrupted by buffering at the most exciting part of a video.

AirTies Interference Avoidance technology makes sure that your Wi-Fi Network is not using the same frequency channels that are occupied by your neighbours so that you can enjoy the capacity of the least busy channel.

AirTies Air AC Wireless Mesh Extension Single Access Point (Extension Only)

AP added to Wi-Fi network and coverage extended further. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Intelligent client and band steering features ensure us handover while moving around inside your home. Key Features Reach up to Mbps wireless transfer speeds with compatible AP added airties usb wireless Wi-Fi network and coverage extended further. The Wi-Fi settings of the mesh are then auto-propagated to the new node.


Air Mbps 3×3 Monitor Wi-Fi — collect Wi-Fi history for later analysis. It can stream multiple HD video channels, deal with both multicast and unicast traffic and prioritize the TV service aiirties general traffic.

AirTies Air 4920 AC1600 Wireless Mesh Extension Single Access Point (Extension Only)

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Drastically improves stability and survivability. Air is Airplay compatible and easy to stream audio from your Apple devices. I will tell you how to disable the internal wifi.

Pilot6, I have done as you asked. Get past concrete walls with AirTies Mesh Technology! The internet is still working and my Airties device’s green light is still on.