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I’m kind of surprised that yours sounds SO much better, since mine does have the correct chip in it. We sell a new 12V DC adaptor now, it sounds awesome with the silver mod and our chorus and compressor pedals and many other pedals too. I always beef-up the attachment of the AC adaptor jack with more solder. We also change the clipping diodes to original blue striped diodes as used on most of the old ones, as seen on the vintage board below, circled: Listening carefully, I was able to confirm this, though I and thousands of other people had not noticed it before.

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This mode can get twice as loud as the OD mode. This BD-2 mod does not drastically change the circuit, modfed replaces many cheap, poor sounding components that Boss used. DIST mode will have the least volume test with drive knob up high. As far as i’m concerned, its the best blued ever. I am very impressed with it actually It also has a toggle switch to turn off the LED so you can do true blind comparison tests.

This will get rid of the somewhat dull tone and make it right.

Guitar Effects Pedals

In OD mode, it bljes a little less drive available than a Tube Screamer. The KoT works great along with a tube screamer for some extra drive and thickness.

Maxon discontinued the AD-9, Sold out, sorry! The KoT has less compression than a tube screamer, and also does not boost the mids or cut the low end as much. It’s not as harsh as it was stock, and it has some nice depth to it that the other one really didn’t have. We absolutely love it!!! Here is a picture from Levon’s.


You may also see some fabulous art work on the bottom plate by one of the analog elves some is not quite so fabulous Jimmy Herring sent me a note in early Anyone can find analogmsn online on changing various capacitors in a tube screamer to add low end. Thanks for mentioning us on the new CD!!!

Analog Man Vintage guitar effects

Spend a bit more on a quality product and you will save money in the long run. Bernard Allison bought a KOT in early and said “It gives me the clean rich tone on the yellow channel, and adding the red channel gives me that amazing overdrive I’ve been searching for. A really fine pedal should analoman good when almost anything is plugged in, and into just about any amp. We put black marks on the pedal for each knob setting like he does in the picture on the left Gabriel Moses Macy Gray etc is using the silver mod along with many other pedals from us.

Doesn’t mess with the tone and just really interacts perfectly with the Boogie’s gain character.

The difference between a TS-9 and TS is not something that you can easily see on an oscilloscope in the middle of a note, or hear in a sound sample on the internet. This was one of the most popular kits sold on ebay You can extend the delay time on the Maxon AD9 up to about half a second, but high notes on the guitar will sound like using a ring modulator, as the sampling rate will be too low.


In mid he said: For these new mods, we would change a few components to amalogman to improve the tone, then email each other what we changed. Our mod Tone sweep, first stock, then our mod. Unless they come in a white box with analog man Sun Face stamps and analog man stickers for your pedal, they are not our kits.

It makes a Strat sound like bleus Strat should. This mode has more drive than the standard OD mode- a touch of hard distortion.

I thought that the clean side almost had a Voxy type crunch to my ears. We can also install a super bright LED in different colors. J Mascis has some KoT pedals that he uses live for his clean! I had people from the audience that moddee heard us play several times before comment on how well they could hear my guitar tonight.