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Even if I have the t-stat off it will run the fan. With a complete Control4 integration, it can pull your shades to block out the afternoon sun and turn on the ceiling fan when you enter a room. The user also has control on the service reminders for such functions. Posted October 21, Visible Only to You. In addition, they can be connected to a wide network of remote temperature and humidity sensors.

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Control4 Wireless Thermostat by Aprilaire® – C4-THERM-WH

Ability to display and clear permanent or temporary messages on any or all thermostats. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

In addition, most models can be connected to a wide network of Aprilaire remote temperature and humidity sensors, including the new flush mount Temperature and Humidity aprilaige.

Free delivery and installation in Austin. Even if I have the t-stat off it will run the fan. If the AC had run for 10 minutes contril4 during that time, the circulate mode would make up the other 10 minutes. Provides reporting of relative humidity though variables available in programming and simulated rH display in some circumstances. Supports all and Aprilaire remote sensor modules as well as onboard temperature and humidity sensors, including remote temperature sensors connected to thermostats.


Buy in bulk and save. Features all the new apfilaire features available with OS 2. Many programmable thermostats can turn the air conditioner down at a certain time of day, but the Control4 Wireless Thermostat by Aprilaire creates a symphony of energy efficiency and comfort.

Platforms :: Control4 Drivers :: Climate :: Aprilaire / Extended

This innovative new functionality is simple and easy: This Extended driver by Domosapiens significantly extends Control4 support for these thermostats and sensors. In addition, they can be connected to a wide network of remote temperature and humidity sensors. Provides a comprehensive set of thermostat commands available in programming.

The circulation mode is designed to ensure that the fan blows for at least 20 minutes out of every hour. The Control4Wireless Thermostat by Aprilaire isn’t just programmable—it reacts to what’s going on around it. When available, the driver leverages the outdoor temperature supplied by the Control4 Weather Station driver.

New programming variables available to report current thermostat or remote sensor or humidity zprilaire.

However, I did figure out how to change the fan to on, auto, circ.

Password Forgot your password? Can display the temperature of any thermostat or remote sensor on the Navigator interface for any room in the project. General Control4 Discussion Search In. Contact Zen Electronics to start planning your Control4 installation today. Sign in Register Email.


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There is not anything in the manual that answer either of my questions greatheed. Provides a comprehensive set of additional thermostat commands, variables and events available in programming, including up to four new Temperature Delta events.

Posted October 21, Regularly broadcasts time and date to all thermostats. Imagine a wireless thermostat so flexible that it can change your home’s conditions at sunrise and sunset, a thermostat that can adapt to changing seasons. This is the reason that circulate is the default fan mode in aprilwire presets. Write your review here: Sign up to receive our newsletter Your Name: Is there a way to turn off the circulation mode?