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First time yield a success log, others yielded a failure log. Testing with another adapter from another revision gave the same problem. The error appears when we put the network under load through an intensive MPI program. It’s short and simple. USB disconnect, device number 4 [ In Linux Kernel Bug Tracker , matthieupepin matthieupepin-linux-kernel-bugs wrote on This bug is by far really complete, if I take into acount info posted upstream.

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Then I posted to linux-usb list with cc to Freddy Xin who introduced the driver to the listsee https: Tamale uictamale wrote on USB disconnect, device number 4 [ Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on In Linux Kernel Asiix Trackerkrichter krichterlinux-kernel-bugs wrote on In Linux Kernel Bug Trackerbugzilla. Thu Jan 16 AXLinux Mint I think comparing the two versions is a good idea though. Wireshark shows the adapter is sending ARP requests linhx it would normally do, but does not seem to receive any reply, even though the Wireshark on the other end sees the ARP replies.


It’s been a while.

: Using ASIX products under Linux

We’ve attempted compiling and loading the newest available driver for the ax chip v1. If the mainline kernel does not fix the issue, please add the following tags: Changed status to confirmed as per apport instructions.

With tested device same Ethernet cable, cat 5e at first try behavior seems to have improved compared with previous Ubuntu releases: Created attachment 3. Download full text 5.

I get sudden disconnects, especially under high load.

Problem seems different from previous ones. This change has been made by an automated script, maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team.

I tried to transfer Linux distro isos, using FTP for maximum transfer rate, the iso were corrupted at the other end. Ivan In that case, just install linux-image-extra It appears the bug is known in upstream, but has not been solved so far: Once testing of the linu upstream kernel is complete, please mark this report’s Status as Confirmed.


AXB – ASIX Electronics Corporation

Changed in linux Ubuntu: We are now 2 years later now Sure, I bought this one: William Gathoye wget wrote on Once testing of the upstream kernel is complete, please mark this bug as “Confirmed”. Also, machine feels a little sluggish but no crash, kernel panic or hang observed. Great to hear some news about this blocking issue for my use case.

Sorry for linuc so long.

Okay, let’s do a bisection. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Done some test check booting a Asus n on Ubuntu Does anyone read or follow this? I cant remember exactly what the workaround was.