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The first one was used by the guys in The Fixed, but mine had settings under a different menu. Feb 28, 1: The phone I have and will be talking about is the LG enV2. G5 – Dual 2. View my complete profile.

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To get the contacts, export your whole list out of Address Book as vCards, then import them into Bitpim. Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count. Send bjtpim back to your device and Bitpim will ask you whether you want to replace or add the information. Sanyo SCP New phone support: The Phone This is the most crucial part and the part that you should try first, because if you biptim get this set up, there’s really no point in getting the computer side set up first.

Google Play Chrome Extension Free access your library of media from your browser. A computer Windows, Linux, and Mac!

Type what’s in bold at the home screen, then press Send to access them. I did find Bitpim’s interface a little sparse and didn’t really like how it opened numerous windows at startup. I can’t really go into it very specifically since each bluetooth program is a little different, and I really don’t know much about how phone cables work. Connecting via Bitpim Connect your phone either via Bluetooth or the cable. I can now edit the program menu, which might come in handy some day.


Diary of an Aspiring Nerd: How to get “free” internet on an enV2 phone

Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. It was worth it when I finally got my proxy working, and then was able to load Gmail on my phone. WinRAR The king of butpim files. It took me an entire night trying to get all of this set up for me, mostly trying to unlock that stupid menu, so I’m hoping this guide might provide a bitpiim insight. Couldn’t the plug-in translate between whatever format the data is received from the phone to SyncML?

BitPim – Download

Apple does have an iSync plug-in development tool. Google around if you want to bjtpim entirely sure. With all those out of the way, let’s started! The value at 2 which in XVI32 is the third block should be ’00’, which needs to be changed to ’20’. Instead of the homepage I set, I get this weird Verizon page with a Bing search engine, but I can search from there and get to Facebook, Gmail, or whatever I want.

Posted by Bry at Anyway, assuming you find your bitpom to the Applications page of your router’s config, forward the port from to to your IP which you can find by typing ipconfig into the command prompt. SyncML is an industry standard for transferring data between devices. Once the data is uploaded to the Bitpim program you can edit it and make any changes.


There’s no syncing with iSync, but at least you can import your contacts without typing them in on the phone! Bitpik use it daily creating iSync Plugins for many phones.

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Firewall Exception What might seem the most obvious to some was the last thing on my mind. Click here to go to the Download page for the Dynamic DNS Update, but if the link fails, there should be a “Download” link on the front page.

Click the Exceptions tab, then press the “Add Program” button. But unfortunately, we don’t know what to fill it in with just yet, so leave it here and we’ll be back in a jiff. Now whatever you entered like peanuts. First off, a few warnings: Free Download for Windows.