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I have a Unibody Macbook and my experiences were slightly different. I then proceeded to use Double Driver to backup the drivers in use by the system so that if I install Windows 8 on future systems I can use this rather than the round-about way of getting the driver installed on the system. I also tried version 5. I still don’t have full trackpad support, but my Windows needs are simple and a mouse will suffice until the real drivers come from Apple. In addition, the Apple software control panel, keyboard control software, mouse control software I can’t get to install or operate. No devices in the device manager are missing drivers. Sep 30, Posts:

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I’m actually running Vista Log in or sign up in seconds. Tech Support – dedicated to solving problems and helping others out.

Feb 26, 3: Originally posted by Leaf: Sep 30, Posts: Reboot and most things will be working, except for the SM Bus and Coprocessor driver problems discussed in this thread. Everything seems to work, and yes, I agree the trackpad drivers need work.


Sun Aug 09, It’s careful to wait apropriate drivers on a new Bootcamp version. JessicaD42 Seniorius Lurkius Registered: The end result will be a machine that hosts Leopard, Vista and Windows 7. Feb 11, 9: Everything is working including all function keys.

However I discovered the 64 bit drivers are actually on the Macbook disk, Apple’s installer just refuses to install them! I then restarted as normal and went about the myriad other installs, when I entered devices and noticed the “!

Also running it on a mbp from May 10, Posts: As I have a White MacBook 13 inch os x lion Also installed the latest Nvidia drivers for the gt. Xbox One – dedicated to Xbox One console and its peripherals, news and discussions.

CoProcessor and SM Bus Controller missing drivers – Boot Camp – InsanelyMac Forum

Unfortunately, everything is recognized and installed with the generic Windows drivers so things like Keyboard support brightness buttonstrackpad support ie, touch scroll, etc. Jan 12, Posts: This driver did not install with version Because there you can uninstall drivers. I currently have the SM Bus controller driver missing or bot installed….


Boot Camp drivers mostly worked. Windows Software Speciality level out of ten: Windows 7 finds the right driver itself. Copy all the contents from your Windows 7 x64 DVD to the partition. Apple – Support – Downloads.

Coprocessor and SM Bus Controller drivers for Windows 7 32bit Issue

I’ve attached a screenie showing this ole’ lappy doing x64!!!! Everything seems to be noot fine: I’ve got the latest Nvidia and Realtek drivers installed and I’ve changed the desktop pattern to one of those crazy new ones. Wed Aug 19, 2: I don’t have my Leopard disk handy as it is in a storage locker at the moment. Jan 27,