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In the case of kernels with cciss and hpsa drivers which do have overlapping sets of supported controllers, by default, cciss will claim these devices if it is loaded prior to hpsa which it normally will be. To install, download Debian cciss source package. Email Required, but never shown. I’m specifically looking for sysctl and sysfs options in production scenarios. No Auto Offline data collection support. Fixed wrong usage of a pointer for sysfs symlink. Updates for kdump support Changes since 3.

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Some models of Smart Array are not able to honor this parameter. If you need further info, asl without problems.

cciss(4) – Linux man page

To install, download Debian cciss source package. Fix firmware version not being printed in procfs.

General Purpose Logging supported. There are newer versions. See these search results from hp.

Create a directory and unpack the tarball. Without this fix the system will panic on reboot when the HP cciss rpm has been uninstalled. NOOP performed well, but for our database server I was still able to achieve better performance adjusting the deadline scheduler.


It appears you can’t get detailed SATA disk information from other smart array devices since the firmware support for the passthroughs isn’t there yet. Once again decrease this value decreases your write latency while increase the value increases throughput. Post as a guest Name.

Controls the batch size of read and write requests. Fixed a panic that could arise during an insmod and rmmod of the cciss driver. I pushed all three of the drives in, did several restarts, but still fdisk -l and parted -l do not see them.

CCISS not recognizing new SCSI drives – HP Proliant Server – Ask Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Last updated March 4, latest version is 4. Am I missing something here?

What else can be reliably tuned to improve storage performance? Which controller model and firmware revision was used? SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: Fixed bug where deleting logical volumes could hang the system. Sccsi Offline Data Collection: I spend a considerable amount of time tuning Linux network settings for low-latency and financial trading applications. You’ll find out soon enough if you do try to use it.


SUSE Support

There may be other software designed to work with cciss e. Added dynamic outstanding command turning on a per controller basis. The drives worked fine a week ago in a Windows environment. To build the source tarballs: Abort Offline collection upon new command.

storage – Linux – real-world hardware RAID controller tuning (scsi and cciss) – Server Fault

Sometimes it can hurt you badly. Sign up using Email and Password. Thu Oct 7 Last updated March 4, latest version is 3. In smartctl database [for scis use: