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Now the computer doesn’t recognise the cutter. June 12th, Jun 12, 2: Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Quote message in reply? Page 1 of 2. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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Creation PCUT CTO Driver and Manual – Redemption Man | Redemption Man

The china plotter is not bad for the price to get you started but these are the kind of limitations and issues that you have with them that you dont have with a graphtec or equivelant but you could buy 10 or more china’s for the price of 1 graphtec. September 13th, Sep 13, 2: Unfortunately it won’t work properly there.

My cutter works fine in windows 7 using signcut and flexi but my favorite program is CoCut. July 9th, Aug 11, 6: How is the plotter connected?

This is a discussion about Creation Pcut CS To cut a different creaation I found I could only have one design on the SD card at a time, so remove any designs and only put on the design you are cutting at the time.


Jun 12, 2: Could you send drivers or fixes for cs cutting across vinyl as per your post abrame bigpond. June 12th, Jun 12, 2: October 24th, When I try running another after that, the screen says it printing but nothing is happening with the plotter. I am a school teacher and we use this plotter alot, so needless to say how frusterating it is to keep having to restart the computer in order to print a students job. If your windows 7 is a 64 bit, your cutter might be set on 32 bit and im not sure if you can change the bit seeting on a creation pcut.

Dec 3, 1. August 2nd, Aug 2, 7: Originally Posted by bjorn2print After posting the above, the problem kept happening After another support email I found out the only way to get this to work without the cut line was to save the design to an SD card then cut directly from there, a pain but it finally worked.


August 2nd, Aug 2, 6: February 27th, Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs I thought upgrading would make a difference.

Aug 2, 6: Still searching for the answer. Oct 7, Now time to experiment Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Flexi and Creation Pcut CTN-630

Im really desperate on making this work. Sindex Printing Pctu 13, Dec 4, 5. Dec 4, 6 4R Graphics Active Member 0 0 Jan 28, Visit Site you can add a grounding wire those plotters are bad about static and noise especially when you are using the USB port.

What is the Flexi key number?

Dec 4, 6. While I still have some sanity left February 1st,