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Hard drive MP3 players such as the Microsoft Zune can hold a luxurious amount of music and video. It is a strange looking device, especially compared to the rest of the Creative portables, each of which has a basically sober design. Repeating music To select a Repeat setting 1. Windows 98 SE users 3. Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package,

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They also tend to have more features and larger screens and are overall easier to use.

The Creative Rhomba is gorgeous–one of the best-looking flash-memory MP3 players we’ve seen. MediaSource MediaSource Help file.

Creative Rhomba Prices – CNET

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The LCD, which takes up most of the player’s face, is divided in two. A Technical Specifications Technical Specifications Transferring With Creative MediaSource, you can transfer files and audio tracks to and from your player. In addition, the model is available in silver with the following characteristics: Don’t show this again. Finally, most use rechargeable batteries usually lasting 8 to 20 hours per charge that you can’t replace yourself, so after several years, you might have to pay for a new model or pay to get the battery replaced.


The TravelSound MP3, which resembles a center channel speaker, is not a Nomad, but it is clearly a different product.

Our main design complaint crsative that the Rhomba, like many flash players, can’t plug directly into a computer’s USB port. The only other included accessories are headphones and a neck strap. Boasting a commendable signal-to-noise ratio of 88dB, the player serves up rich, detailed sound with plenty of bass. The Rhomba follows this path and shows up as a generic drive under XP. I have no idea why this is.

The Rhomba does not have an expansion slot, so choose wisely. I will give a full breakdown in the review, but if you enlarge the image in the right panel you will get a sense of what’s available. Scroll select the Play List menu.

The LCD is divided into two sections. Apparently I will be getting a Rhomba “soon. The AutoPlay feature in your Windows system may not be enabled.

These players are usually built around a 1. Every month, manufacturers unleash even more MP3 players to an increasingly confused public.


The Rhomba seems to be a fairly straightforward portable. The menus and submenus available are listed in the table below.

Comments to this Creativw Your Name. You may also like. Page 39 The menus and submenus available are listed in the table below. Additional Product Features Storage Capacity. Higher microphone sensitivity would capture more ambience noise.

I think the split screen is cool.

Creative Rhomba 256MB User Manual

Press and hold the Menu scroller. Also, hard drives have moving parts, so these players aren’t ideal for strenuous physical activity. The Rhomba’s controls are nicely laid out.

We find the noise irritating, but someone somewhere might someday find a use for it.