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Cuth was one of them. But, Harrison was not done with racing all-together. Given this good result at Dundrod, and given his rather good result at Monza the previous year, Harrison made the journey to compete in the Italian Grand Prix in September. Many a young boy has grown up with the dream of being a racing champion. Once this organization came into place, many racers, who had been competing in many of the other grand prix races, were there at Formula One’s beginnings. Out of the 28 starters, only 7 finished the race, and Harrison was not one of them.

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For others…well, they just never really grow up. This was an impressive result for T. Harrison never really seemed to have any misconceptions about his racing career.

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But, Harrison was not done with racing all-together. Prior to the war, dacing prix racing was very popular and hotly contested by some of the greatest automobile manufacturers in the world at that time. Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production. The Italian Grand Prix was one of high attrition. Harrison fulfilled this calling up until his death in January Despite the fact there were only 9 starters, and only 5 finishers, Harrison ran a consistent and solid race for the 15 laps and came home in 3rd place overall.


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There were many different races and championships that existed prior tobut not necessarily one formalized world championship series. There was a huge accident on the first haerison that included some nine cars, including Harrison’s ERA.

This rather new contraption attracted T. Cuth was one of them. Harrison would compete dacing many sprint trials. Some 29 laps from the end, T.

Harrison’s Monaco Grand Prix was nothing to really remember though as his race did not even last one lap.

Soon, this man of vision and congeniality built a thriving business and had a wonderful reputation. Harrison lived the dream of being a grand prix racer.

After leaving the grand prix scene raciing the most part, T. For many, that dream begins to fade with age.

Cuth Harrison (GB) ERA Pits Jersey Road Race dnf — The GPL Collection

Of course byHarrison would have already been 40 years old, in a sport where injury racung death were a common occurrence. In the early days of gas powered automobiles, or ‘motorized carriages’, racing thoroughbred automobiles seemed almost like a dream too.

Though never a hadrison, T. Only after World War II did Harrison begin to really get into motoracing, particularly grand prix racing.

Harrison began to race a few grand prix here and there throughout the late s. Given motoracing’s increasing popularity and the increasing number of tracks and races that sprang up during this period, it wasn’t too surprising that T. Thomas Cuthbert Harrison, or ‘Cuth’ or T.


Out of the 28 starters, only 7 finished the race, and Harrison was not one of them. Priorities definitely had to be in order, and Harrison’s head was never too far away.

At the Grand Prix de Reims inT. Despite being perhaps thoughtful of the future and what autoracing could do for his business, Harrison showed some real talent behind the wheel. Qualifying was less than spectacular as T.

Soon Harrison stepped away from harrisno but started a highly successful car dealership that is still in existence today. Considering those who finished behind him, Harrison stayed in relative contact with race winner Farina finishing 3 laps behind in 7th place. Despite a rather unspectacular qualifying effort, Harrison impressed during the race. During the golden era of racing there were big local races, even championships.