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If you’re using only static UID and GID, and your home directory can be specified with a template, you could use static userdb instead. Overriding settings Most commonly settings are overridden from plugin section. Home directories Some people are opposed to the idea of virtual users having home directories, but no matter what you call it, it’s a good idea to have a directory where user-specific configuration and other state is stored. All these files are joined together to form the complete Dovecot configuration. I have the same error even after changing the above mentioned lines in the configuration. This documentation is for Dovecot v2.

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UserDatabase/ExtraFields – Dovecot Wiki

Next all the extra fields returned by userdb lookup are used to override the settings. Are there more ideas on this subject? Is there anything I am missing? See the Dovecot documentation for another explanation. Sogar ein Zweiter ist inzwischen hinzugekommen, um etwas Redundanz zu schaffen.

Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Reply Check if Dovecot has opened port for listening: This file can be used as a passdb: But I think this issue is not related to dovecot.


Setting up Dovecot

I first got this: If you want something like a last login update, use Uservb instead. The password field can be in four formats: Skip if previous userdbs haven’t yet found the user And finally we can control what happens when we’re finished with this userdb v2.

Hach, ihr seid so lieb zu mir. Did you try the “postmap -q mike example.

Many sysadmins found that it does not scale well, was cryptic to configure and did not stop spam emails reliably for each individual user. The user database lookup can return these fields: Whether you connect from your smartphone your laptop or use the webmail access — the rules always work. It saved the day when my mail server was broken after the upgrade to Debian Jessie.

Hi Tony… Thanks for your nice feedback. But even then I can imagine that further index and cache files may get in your way.

UserDatabase/Static – Dovecot Wiki

And when i restart dovecot i get an error: I think I found my answer while searching for something else in one of the previous tutorials. But we want to use the MySQL database backend so go ahead and change this block to:. I greatly appreciate your effort — and the fact that you make your knowledge freely available….


It is not necessary to define the separators tested with Ubuntu This may be useful for shared mailboxes.

Wenn es allerdings um Mails geht, kann man echt daran verzweifeln. I had a third line in the code that read: Set the current user existence state to “found”, and continue to the next userdb. These fields can be returned the exact same way as uid, gid, and home fields. It is also a bit faster since it avoids doing the userdb SQL query. It’s apparently Dovecot which tries to lookup the user mike example. Passwords The password can be in covecot format that Dovecot supportsbut you need to tell the format to Dovecot because it won’t try to guess it.

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