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Create a new Wish List. Thanks Put some adds up so we can click and u make a dosh Good work saved me hours of frustration. Replies to my comment. Here, I could see that the Dymo printer had fallen into the “unspecified device” category and the simple solution was to manually update the driver In the past I could get this to work by installing a LocalPort that pointed to the printer share, but it seems in Win10 this no longer works. I know I have remote access to the printer, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to print at all if I didn’t. When I installed the latest version, it never asked me where my network printer was it asked me in the 7.

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I’ve hooked the DYMO up to the host, and successfully printed a test page, so that’s been done.

Turn Printer Sharing on. In order to print to the LabelWriter from other Mac OS X workstations on the network, you’ll need to add the LabelWriter trbo the printer list on each workstation you wish to print from.

You saved me hours of frustration. Sign In or Register to access your lists. Fixed with your work around above Please refine your selection. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam labelwritr.


Don’t use the IP as this will not work! Thanks for sharing, Ger!

Make sure your label printer is installed and connected. I have had this issue twice now first time a few months back which required a software re-intall. You can enable trbo highlighting of source code with the following tags: For a better site experience, upgrade your browser today.

Can I print to a LabelWriter that is connected to another Mac OS X based computer on the network?

I have the version 8. FLASH is not supported in your current browser click here to go to product images. I am running on a Windows 7 64Bit OS. To enable printer sharing, click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences. Can’t imagine why it isn’t there.

Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox. Please reinstall your printer driver.

Basically, something has changed on my computer probably due to an update and it can no longer identify the Dymo printer tkrbo no facility to search. I’m having the same problem. Once you’ve verified those elements, you will need to enable sharing to give other Mac OS X workstations on the network access to the printer.

Adding DYMO LabelWriter as network printer on DYMO Label | JOCHEN HEBBRECHT

Close the System Preferences window. I’ve been pulling my hair out over this!


This program requires a Neetwork Printer. Here, I could see that the Dymo printer had fallen into the “unspecified device” category and the simple solution was to manually update the driver What can I do in order to get the software to recognize that I’m trying to use the printer remotely? Had the same problem here! I then set up permissions on the network so that the remote computer can access the host computer, and it works fine–on the remote computer I can open up devices and printers tab, and the printer is listed under my printers tab under DYMO LabelWriter on So I did the following which worked for me In the System Preferences window, click on the Sharing icon.

Some features may not work correctly. Ugh, I tried again completely uninstalling everything and here’s the report I sent in to their tech support:.