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Guide by Dark Watcher Views: Fullscreen Mode – Select fullscreen mode if you would like to play your games fullscreen. This is a visual documentation guide of P. All off-topic posts will be removed. Wow, glad to see PSX work still being done. If this is the case then try the other.

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I’m using Windows 10 X64 Anniversary Update. The following options are for tweaking your display filters, resolution, and color settings.

Click here to get started or check out our wiki page! Hotel Dusk – Room Here you will see many options. Click here to get started, or check out our wiki page Join us on Discord! I still wont recommend epsxe for that chore, epsxe is all about hacks pfops i really hate plugins. You must log in or register to reply here.

Guide by Dark Watcher Views: I just checked it and it makes no difference. S Soft Plugin currently based on v1. So first let’s start with “Resolution epzxe Colors”. These lighter-weight alternatives still have their place.


S. Soft Driver Refresh (ePSXe Plugin) : emulation

Comments stepping significantly over the line will be removed- use peips common sense. There are still desktop platforms that have trouble running Beetle-based emulators. You could use 32bit, but it will cause major slowdown.

The Mega quota has been reached. RA solves all that with unified shaders and save systems.

Recommended PS1 Plugins – Emulation General Wiki

All i can tell is: Created by Dark Watcher. The exact opposite for lower peo;s, the lower you go the faster it is but might not look as good. As a software plugin it will give you an image pretty close to the original PlayStation output, complete with dithering, and doesn’t need a good GPU. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It will take you step by step through each function with a brief description of all the options available.

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P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver Refresh

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Literally every handheld PC coming out now exhibits this.


I’d imagine espxe tried yet that when switching disks it could be a hassle since the mouse cursor is invisible. I tested on win 10 x64 and epsxe 2.

This guide will explain what each of the options mean, and how they can help you get the most out of your games. Are you on XP?


Whether this is the right plugin for you really depends on two things, how you want the game to look and what sort of hardware you’re playing it on. People is still using standalone plugin based emulators?. I feel like they fragment the development community and lead to closed documentation and code, which I feel goes against the preservation aspect of emulation. This guide will cover all the options section by section.