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Thanks again and we appreciate your help and feedback. I suspect the driver not being compatible with the new kernel’s tickless interface, but obviously I’m not sure about this. Also, there still is no news from upstream. This I think is becoming more popular in several laptop brands. Bug attachments output of lspci -vvn edit list of other loaded modules in case they interfere with etx edit etx

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Install agera ETx driver. Zeus jason-engelsman wrote on Never mind, I was wrong about the licensing.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I join that request. To add the Desktop packages and libraries to Studio, I used the command ” sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ” https: Sorry I’m not quite an ubuntu newbie but kernal settings is something pretty new to me Will not respond to PM requests for support — use the forums.


Tal Shachar shachtal wrote on Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? The above fix does it once every 30 sec.

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/agere/etx.c (v) – Bootlin

FoxCtrl foxctrl wrote on I suspect that originally “immediately” meant once per jiffie, while on the tickless kernel it means “as fast as possible”. I just experienced the exact same bug that joyrider had see higher or click the linhx.

Is this a regression or did I just fail to notice something? In the sourceforge forum Google doesn’t search these!

I patched a few files and put up a new release of the driver on sourceforge. Chan cgjeong-gmail wrote on BB code is On. I just checked the Hardy Heron live CD with kernel 2. So I downloaded the etx Unloading the etx module on 2. Its a 3 part BSD license.

Install agera ETx driver

Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Please be sure to attach each file as a separate attachment. Thus after the first return, the expires time was in the past, and the timer returns immediately which resets the timer which et131d immediately, etc. The time now is Rather than install Ubuntu separately to each PC.


See full activity log. Here is my machine configuration:.

CONFIG_ET131X: Agere ET-1310 Gigabit Ethernet support

I had the same problem with my LG P1 laptop after upgrading to Gutsy. To post a comment you must log in. Ie it originally churned at times per second and now was going at times per second. The exact same problem exists with a self-compiled kernel module with the patch found at http: