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Value entered for e-mail is invalid Passwords don’t match E-mails don’t match Please fill up missing fields below. To manually clean the feeder rollers, open the door and send the following command to the printer: What type of cards can I use? Yes it is possible to encode. Check if the ribbon is not faulty replace it with a new one Are you using a genuine Evolis ribbon? Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company.

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Complete ID Card Systems. Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: Trade-In Rebate click for details. Must be at least characters. The ink can be applied only once on each side of the card. Yes it is possible to encode.

Evolis Quantum 2 Dual Sided ID Card Printer with Magnetic Encoding

Software cardPresso- How can I upgrade my edition of cardPresso? Press and hold the control panel evoli and clean manually all the running rollers with a cleaning card. All our extended warranty plans include: All Evolis ribbons can be used for dual-sided printing.

This issue may arise from a dirty or faulty print head. I cannot encode a magnetic card. Works on all Evolis printers. Compatible with Pebble4, Dualys3, Securion, and Quantum2.


Search Login Cart 0 Your cart is empty. Whether you need a new ID card printer or supplies for your ID system, we will offer you unbeatable deals on hundreds of items. Value entered for e-mail is invalid Email can not be blank Account with that email address does not exist at this portal. Remember to select the dual-sided printing option before printing.

For encoding, compatibility with an Evolis printer is a matter of software design. What can I do?


The upgrade can be done in the card designer itself when you are connected to the Internet. Evolis Quantum 2 Description Combining the power quantim an industrial machine with the flexibility of a desktop printer, the Evolus Quantum 2 dual-sided printer offers versatility and modularity for any organization requiring high-volume printing of plastic ID cards. We are unable to accept any return of items that have already been opened unless you have received pre-authorization from us.

LED s of the control panel are on.

Your questions about Quantum 2 card printer | Evolis

Factory mounted, to be ordered together with the printer. For color printings, the following options are available: The version supplied with your printer comes evplis a day free trial period, except for Primacy delivered with unlimited edition.


As standard, Quantum 2 is provided with a magnetic kit, a smart card ecolis station and a contacless antenna bracket. Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date on new offers, sales and promotions: It is also possible to order a printer with an integrated contactless coupler see Evolis offer or with the contactless mounting kit. What is the locking system? How do I clean the printer interior?

Use several cleaning cards if necessary. Magnetic stripe encoding, smart card encoding, ethernet connectivity, and high capacity hoppers Optional upgrade: They run cardPresso software and check if the license is recognized.

This guide is available on the Evolis CD-ROM shipped with the printer, or, it can also be downloaded from our website.