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Any idea how to do that? You know the difference. Vjoy to create a new device and UJR to transpose axes etc. Great, from the driver’s side of things everything seems to be normal. Log in or sign up in seconds. Can you remember if this was also the case when the wheel worked on the default windows drivers?

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Topics about anything outside of those are not. Mmm that’s interesting, but also worrying, might be a driver problem but possibly also hardware.

Spoilers and NSFW posts must be properly marked. I tried following a few tutorials, but I can’t make the axis work, it just doesn’t move If the calibration is alright, i. You know the difference. Any idea how to do that? It doesn’t move at all, when I am steering with my wheel thunded is the same as if I would be pressing he D-pad buttonsthe axis yhunder mvoe.

I have installed the drivers.

Original user made content is generally allowed, but excessive self promotion or promotion for financial gain is not allowed. Oh also, if you bought the wheel online, in Belgium, you can send it back within 2 weeks for literaly any reason and the store must refund you I’m not sure what the regulations are where you’re from but check them out if you bought online.


Submit a new link. No witch hunting or calling out other users. Hi, I’m a bot that links Gyazo images directly to save bandwidth. Can you remember if this was also the case when the wheel worked on the default windows drivers? I’ll try to help with some general knowledge concerning game controllers on windows. You might be able to uninstall the driver through programs and features.

I’ve provided a screenshot of my F thuneer as an example: Vjoy to create a new device and UJR to transpose axes etc. Keep it civil and on topic.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of thunfer. Can you just check the calibration on either the test tab or the calibration tab of the pedals and the wheel? Was thinking maybe it was digital vs analog mode affecting all axis. When I change my modes nothing works for some reason.


Click here to recheck and delete this comment! Polls or petitions are only allowed as text posts, with a description of the poll, and link to poll, in htunder text body. The most likely cause is an internal hardware defect, which unfortunately means there’s nothing that can be done about it without opening it up and troubleshooting, but please don’t do that unless you don’t have warranty anymore.


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Why does the wheel works as a D-pad Log in or sign up in seconds. Thunfer might help if you can provide screenshots of certain windows. Topics about racing hardware, sims, and racing are allowed. Dx tweak for axis tweaking and troubleshooting.