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Hi Pravash, convert the class in to TestNG class. Create a list of type WebElement to store all the Link elements in to it. Connect using Connect Method. This can be easily handled using an If loop. Although we have many tools in a market, But in Automation Terms selenium is Best tools to find out Broken links of any Website. Hi Mukesh, I am facing issue with appium installation I have downloaded all the tools and jar files and installed but padnet, genymotion, appiumserver are not working in my system and selenium web driver is going fine Can you please help about this issues if you have done vedeos for this please share.

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Hi Mukesh, How can we generate report have these columns s.

How to Find All/Broken links using Selenium Webdriver

Please consult the HELP menu of your browser to learn how to do this. Although we have many selebium in a market, But in Automation Terms selenium is Best tools to find out Broken links of any Website.

Get href of anchor tag and store it in url variable. More detailed explanation you can find here Check broken links on a Page using Selenium.

How to Find All/Broken links using Selenium Webdriver

Check My Links Once you’ve added to Chrome, you can find the app normally on the top right hand corner. Use this point checklist to find out.


So I will explain you the approach. Got to know htmlunit driver is not a part of the package. Task Management Task creation by ticket thread in situation where plenty of technicalities are involved.

Still have a question? Answered Jul 23, You can, but there are easier ways and simpler tools for scraping links.

Collect all links in web page Identify all links in a webpage and store them in List. Now how to verify Response Code is Hi Tauseef, To achieve your objective, you have use looping mechanism so that in every iteration, Serial Number comes.

How To Find Broken Links Using Selenium WebDriver

Finding the broken links in a webpage using Selenium. Get page url for all links in the webpage using webdriver. Can you please make detail video of Web Services testing Soupui and other related concepts? Because everything happens through the browser which makes things very slow. For an invalid request, HTTP status usimg 4xx and 5xx. In Selenium to verify either broken links or finding broken images is almost same and quite easy as well.

When we create scripts, our motive should not be to just complete the scenario rather it should be to complete it in efficient manner. Suppose we have Multiple sites and all these Sites contains approax linksthen it is very difficult to Test a website with all links, So we use selenium to make it easy to test a website.


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Tauseef November 28, at 3: What are broken links in web testing? Or you can just hit a Get request to each url in back ground and check if response code is correct. Sign Up at linksmanagement. WebDriver ; import org. For the sake of simplicity, I made it as public otherwise when you use it into framework then you can implement proper access specifier for any method. Can I test offline in Selenium WebDriver?

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