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Open the Support Ticket. The latest version includes fields for warranty period and manufacturing location. Basic Troubleshooting Steps Figure Open the notebook’s display so that it lays flat. Slide and hold power switch four seconds to turn off and reset notebook, then press blue standby button to turn notebook back on.

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If there is more than one symptom, separate them into distinct problems. Try another USB device. Hardware Specifications Table Release the drive’s ribbon cable from its connector on the motherboard. Disassembly Flow Figure Press F2 to start the basic hardware test.

Драйвера HP OmniBook xe3-gf

Comments Infrared General problems. AC adapter cannot be repaired, and must be replaced. If this fails, insert a straightened paper clip into system-off switch, then press blue standby button to turn notebook back vidwo.

Disconnect the touch pad cable and speaker cable from the motherboard. Transfer the old serial number label and install a new overlay, or create a new serial number label using the steps below. Comments To help determine likely causes, check to see what replaceable modules are involved in the system function and what roles they play.


Make sure notebook is docked properly. When Installing a New Motherboard After installing a new motherboard, you must electronically transfer to it the serial number and service ID from the previous motherboard, and set the video DIP switches for the notebook’s display type.

If prompted, accept the recommended partition size. To Connect An Ieee Device Image is not sharp when using TV-out port. HP warranty does not cover expense of correcting this situation.

Download driver for laptop, Hewlett-Packard HP OmniBook PC HP OmniBook XE3 GF

Put notebook in videeo mode or shut down before detaching the mouse. Password removal is restricted to certain sites. To Change The Boot Device Press the blue standby button to recover your previous session.

Remove the two retaining screws. Internal Hard Disk Sets the hard disk drive type and various drive parameters. Comments Notebook gets abnormally hot. Use the strap on the hard drive to carefully pull the drive off of its connector and out of the notebook.


Remove the CPU standoffs. Front View Figure Make sure the module is fully seated, and that none of its pins are bent or otherwise damaged. To Disconnect From The Internet Run the advanced tests. Blinking cursor appears while system is loading and checking hardware and network connections. Make sure correct drivers are installed.

If an error message appears, confirm the problem using other diagnostic tools. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. Caution This procedure formats the hard disk drive, which erases all data on the drive.

Comments Modem doesn’t dial or no dial tone.