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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8. Mobal is one of the most popular prepaid SIM cards because of the number of countries it can operate in, low airtime rates. Unlocking increases the resale value of your phone as it’s not bound to a particular carrier any more. Opinions, Corrections, Price errors, even technical problem on this store, are welcome! Huawei U locked to any provider in the world Description.

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Please use this form to contact us. Where can I find instructions how to enter the unlock code into my phone. When you’re traveling, you don’t to have time to find a cell phone store, and sort out what you need, perhaps in a different language, and potentially have things go wrong. Unlock code is generated by huawsi small client software and entered directly into the phone. From DC-Unlocker support staff will be on holiday! Unlock your Huawei phone remotely using our unlocking software which is delivered instantly to your email address upon purchase.

Why do I have to unlock the phone and what are the advantages? Try again from this link: Some other messages that you can get when your cell phone is locked: Cables for Service Boxes. They will try to make sure that the phone can only be used on their particular network, and thus, locks the phone’s software to their wireless network.



Originally posted by pompipc View Post. For this reason, many people choose to buy a pre-paid SIM for the country or countries they’ll be traveling to before they leave home.

Search in titles only Search in Huawei only Search. The wireless carrier often subsidizes the cost of the phone with the expectation that they can recover more than this amount throughout the subscriber’s contract. U122 unlock calculator update for Alcatel. If you travel internationally, the Mobal GSM sim card is a cheaper alternative to roaming service.

All GSM phones are used with SIM card, Subscriber Identity Modulea smart card that securely stores the key identifying a mobile phone service subscriber, as well as subscription information, preferences and text messages. Browse by Unlock Type.

Remote unlock by unlocking software for Huawei U mobile phone

When buying international cards there is no contract that has to be signed with a service provider, you don’t have to commit to a one or two year term like with local providers. Wireless providers charge from 40 to Dollars for an unlocking code. Run two sim cards in one phone using a dual sim adapter. Mobal is one of the most popular prepaid SIM cards because of the number of countries it can operate in, low airtime rates.


Unlocking itself takes a few minutes. No disassembling or technical knowledge is required. Browse by Phone Type:: Just run from this file. Unlocking allows to use your Huawei U cell phone with any carrier on any compatible network Unlocked cellphone can be used with dual SIM card adapter or International prepaid SIM card Unlocking increases the resale value of your mobile phone as it’s not bound to a particular carrier any more There is no need to send your phone anywhere, unlocking is done remotely from your computer Buy With Confidence!

u problem – DC-unlocker

This method can be used when unlock by code is not available for your Huawei U cell phone. Still some errors but i unlock this phone! Originally posted by crysst View Post. Service Details and Requirements.

Try to use this dc-unlocker software version: Some SIM uuawei come allready prefilled with airtime and cost slightly higher than the ones with zero balance.

Smart Clip 2 update.