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Curious to see how this plays out. Presumably a low financial risk with major upside. Even the driver with 11 degrees looks normal now. Trout Bum January 3, – 7: Sadlowski also started playing with shorter clubs.

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Amateur 20hr ago What is the average cost of a round of golf?

Former long-driver Jamie Sadlowski modifies his gear to chase Tour card | Golfweek

But it makes sense. How much is it going cost?

The confluence of new …. The sound, the impact, the flight…it is one half golf drive and the other half glass shattering entrance music at a WWE event. Hopefully Jamie finds success on the tour, and Cleveland gains a lot of exposure from his using their gear.

The winning drive in came in at a whopping yards, which he topped with yards in an earlier round. Chris Nichols January 3, – 6: RNG January 3, – 7: Both thoughts are serious and both have merit in the free agency month for new players sponsorships. It makes perfect sense.

Sadlowski retired from long-drive competitions last year and has committed to the pursuit of professional tournament golf, and he might be the only pro in the world willing to sacrifice 15 mph of clubhead speed. I agree with your sentiment that he brings more people to the Launcher brand. If nothing happens from the signing, they are right back where they started, but if he makes his move and plays in a few events, the eyeballs will be there with success or not, because he is a story.


Former long-driver Jamie Sadlowski modifies his gear to chase Tour card

So now Jamie has the grip size that allows him to soften up his grip pressure. Well, there goes your feel and your timing. Mayor of the PGA Tour — And I really think this will help push the launcher woods series. If Jamie applies the same work ethic to other parts of the game, gets a break here and there, he sadlowsji end up doing OK.

In the Indonesian Masters he sadlowaki -4 under and finished in the top 50, but the real story was during the event, he hit a drive of yards and set a record there for the highest ball speed at just under mph. He is not a PGA Tour staffer, but a brand ambassador, as outlined in sadlowsski piece. That in turn would be very good for Cleveland.

Odyssey Red Ball Putter.

How more creative can you get to help sell drivers? If brands are looking to get people looking at their equipment there are better ways than signing a huge sadlwski of players and hoping they get air time. Launch-angle golf is coming and in a short time will radically change how players are developed. Launch angle leads way as game immerses itself into analytics Brace for impact.


Where he has to make up ground is with his wedge play and just this week it was announced that he signed on to be a brand ambassador for Cleveland Golf.

Fast forward cwllawaywhen he made the formal announcement that he would quit long drive competitions in order to focus on a career playing professional sadlowsik. Looking at it from the other perspective…. But it is still a little jarring to see the pure numbers. And Sadlowski uses an Arccos shot-tracking system to provide data during casual rounds, so he knows his yardages.

Sadlowski is best known sadllowski being the guy that crushes the cover off the ball. Does Hideki Matsuyama suddenly putting it in play make people take notice? Although his name recognition is as a long ball hitter and not a golfer it still makes people notice.