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This item doesn’t belong on this page. The camera is somewhat bulky as it is an older camera. The lens is very prone to flare. Start with Megapixel Plus picture resolution and a powerful 3X optical plus 2X digital zoom lens. The 3x optical zoom is great for getting close up shots. We did experiment some with copying images from other sources onto the Picture Card though, directly via a CF adapter in our laptop.

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It did not support the JPEG image file format, storing images in Kodak’s proprietary K25 file format instead, as the JPEG image standard was very new and still under development at the time the camera was being designed.

Kodak DC DC MP Digital Camera | eBay

Smart Home by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, The DC is the latest in Kodak’s line of digital cameras for business and consumer use.

The aperture range runs from f3. The optical viewfinder of the DC is clear and bright, and varies its focal length to track the kodai of the zoom lens. Kodak has always maintained an excellent interface for third-party developers, but the release of the Digita operating system extends this further than has ever been the case before.

It also did not have an LCD for picture display. AA standard form factor.

Kodak DC DC260 1.6MP Digital Camera

As the DC has acquired more computer-like capabilities though, it has also acquired some computer-like behavior: I do a lot of shooting of my daughter’s indoor basketball games, and have mixed success with this camera. These dx260 a macro adapter, a telephoto converter, and a wide-angle converter from Tiffen.


We can imagine the logo watermark capability being used by realtors and others wishing to “brand” their images to indicate origin. We will update this review to include a discussion of software when we receive our final production test unit of the DC Note that the image size selected and amount of available memory can restrict both the maximum capture rate and the number of images that can be acquired. This camera was actually the first thing I ever bought on eBay back in dc206 For longer-interval exposures, the camera will appear to power-down between shots, but will wake back up again when its time for the next frame.

Picture quality is outstanding, better than most new cameras on the market -even with the low pixels.

We’ve found removable storage a very nice camera feature, as it allows longer sojourns away from the computer. The built-in flash has an effective range of 1.

We were able to get answers to a number of frequent questions that had been floating around the newsgroups. It is a rare specimen among thousands of digital cameras. Like the DC50, it also had a sc260 Focus Options The DC is unique among the digital cameras we’ve tested, in the variety of focusing options it offers.

So there must be some big differences between these two?


While the exposure lock mentioned in conjunction with focus lock earlier and the EV-compensation discussed below are helpful in dealing with difficult exposure situations, we would still like to see a spot-metering mode. With Kodak’s smooth digital zoom, you also needn’t trade off any more resolution than needed to make your shot.

We were a little puzzled by the “none” setting, as it isn’t clear what the camera would be assuming as a light source if not one of the three standard light sources. The optical viewfinder is small and has no eyepiece correction for spectacle wearers, although it does have rubber cladding to prevent scratching lenses as you move around to get koda full picture. It continued to use Kodak’s KDC file format.

Kodak DC260 1.3 mp

In practice, we found that the “manual” settings tended to leave a little of the color cast of the lighting in the shot perhaps deliberately, to preserve some of the original picture’s mood. This means great photo Quality out of a Color Laser printer on glossy stock.

Want to take better photos and videos? Unlike Kodak professional cameras, the DC images are processed before being compressed in the camera at a ratio of korak Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

That works great as do most all outdoor shots.