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Example of a mobile blog using the Kohjinsha SA1. One wonders why they went to the bother of including it. In two-handed mode its possible to flip the screen right open and hold the device completely with the screen in lione with the keyboard. HP Elitebook G2. In the hand, the device feels very very light, very small and its easy to carry around. For details on typing speed testing with the Kohjinsha, see here. Its difficult to use to start with and the mouse buttons are a shiny non-tactile plastic that are hard to click but like the keyboard, it gets better and very useful.

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Thoughtfix test and review of the Kohjinsha SA1. Poor battery life of First 24hrs with touchscreen Kohjinsha. Processing power needs careful consideration too as this is a low-end device that should be used for one task at a time.

SA1F00A Specifications, images and news. What you end up with is something much more usable than a 6 year old PC. Nothing has fallen off though and everything still seems to be stable and working well after a month.


Kohjinsha SA1F00A SA1F00A specifications and information.

The screen and screen frame are covered with a shiny perspex cover and mounted on a bracket that allows the screen to rotate through degrees and lie down flat with its back on the keyboard for a tablet effect. Its even more important on the Kohjinsha and a regular clean out of unwanted startup processes will be needed. Pocketables reviews the Kohjinsha SA1. Advent U1a7. Latest products in our mobile pc database.

Kohjinsha E8 launch news. Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium7. Acer Aspire E11 ES1 In addition it handles media cards very well and has the WiFi and BT needed to ensure connectivity options are always there. Live photo-blogging with the Kohjinsha. Kohjinsha SA1F00A price guide spot-check pricing.

You want to know how Windows XP runs on a Mhz processor right? The choice of software seems sensible as the memory footprint is small and learning curve is short. A good balance between mobility and productivity. At the front, the headphone jack provides good quality output. The Kohjinsha SA1 does not have a touch screen.

Bluetooth speed or range was not tested but 3G connectivity through a UMTS phone was no problem at all.

Hanbit Pad7. The Medion UMPC offers a similar spec and price only a thumbboard solution and there have been prototypes of similar devices. The Samsung would be khojinsha higher performance, a similar battery life and a better keyboard for the same cost but you would lose the all-in-one usefulness of the Kohjinsha.


Onkyo’s DX dual-screen laptop is a far better deal than Kohjinsha’s DZ

Click to go to the full Gallery. There is a synaptics touchstick on the left-hand side of the screen and at the base of the screen are a the power and radio-on indicator lights and two small speakers.

Slightly poor battery life of Its a suprisingly useful holding technique. Battery life is in the hours range and WIFI performance is very good. CE is not really for the consumer.

How to survive with 32 GB. The nearest comparison one could make would be a Samsung Q1B with keyboard case. A full data sheet with specifications and further links is available here.