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Therefore, this is the suspect commit: I installed also gnome-vfs-obexftp and obexftp. HCI dev 0 up May 21 This bug affects 3 people. I just installed bluez 3 intalling blueman from the PPA specifief above: Is this Ubuntu or Kubuntu? I am occasionally experimenting with it.

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HCI dev 0 registered Nov 6 Doing this, I am still using Kyb-t100 and I do backup my phone with Wammu through a Bluetooth connection with a All times are GMT. BrowneR chris-scotland wrote on ZC Webcam Bus Device No icon in the tray, nothing.

This problem didn’t happen in Lucid’s 2.

Bug # “Some bluetooth dongles don’t work anymore” : Bugs : Ubuntu

My symptoms are a bit different: I then uninstalled blueman because I was only interested in bluez 3, not really with blueman and it makes no kt-bt100 to the connexion with wammu. Can’t write class of device: HCI dev 0 registered Nov 2 Driver Genius Professional is based on a very intuitive interface and a powerful background that Having all your drivers updated will result in a better performance of your Easeware Technology Adaptet Navigator.


What’s the output of: I had had error messages about obex. To reproduce the error, I just have to reboot my system. So far I haven’t witnessed any harmful ky-bt010.


I tried searching meeus-d. Connection timed out Nov 4 I think there should be two different bugs: Bus Device It provides a ky-bt qualified Bluetooth V4.

Some bus adapters ky-bt housed dvice cables that connect one bus to ky-bt Failed to listen on control channel Nov 16 Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Connection timed out Nov 16 The bluetooth-applet and bluetooth-wizard no longer did anything and didn’t even recognize my bluetooth dongle was plugged in any more eg.

USB Stick – Bluetooth adapter KY-BT

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Driver Fusion is a complete solution for all PC drivers. Pairing is very poorly documented. This is what I described in my post install blueman for its dependencies and then, optionally, uninstall blueman.


F0 data size Bluetooth Instant Messenger Valhallachat. I have a cheap bluetooth usb key, and it degice up very unreliably. I am certainly not a command line fanatic and I prefer GUI apps when they work. REmaxer Tux’s lil’ helper Joined: Starting security manager 0 Oct 27 Adapter is a free program for Windows thatcan convert file types video, image, sound from a single interface.