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Ethan Bissett draimus-deactivatedaccount wrote on Andrew andrewkvalheim wrote on I can confirm this problem still exists on a fresh install of Karmic on a Thinkpad x This should work in all distros and with all window managers you might have to use other key combinations than Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown. I would much rather have the double-stepping than nothing. ThinkPad buyer’s guide for n00bs. Again try and pick one that is not likely to have already been taken by something, such as XF86LaunchA.

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How to get special keys to work – ThinkWiki

ThinkPad buyer’s guide for n00bs. Yorirou yorirou wrote on Dimitrios Psychogios jinxos wrote on This is highly dependent on what keygrabber you decide to use.

This also has the side effect of making my brighness buttons work, but I have not seen any negative side effects.

Now I have sound muted in the gnome-applet in the panel, but I can’t tell whether or not the ‘hardware mute’ is active or not without the OSD. There is currently no way to make this work in a simple way pleeeease correct me if I am wrong!


If your post does not appear in the new queue, it’s because of the stupid spam filter. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. On my X61s running Fedora 13, Leenovo found that by adding the following lines to my. When buying a new ThinkPad, consider taking the IPS screen option if possible, as it doesn’t cost much. Specification guides for discontinued models all the way back to !

Confirm similar problem on my X41 Helpful while this isn’t fixed: Morcan christian-blaicher wrote on Want to add to the discussion? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Now save the file and repackage the browser. I also have this on my T42P.

I noticed the same behaviour on my Thinkpad T60 when using a jaunty live cd. An alternative to halevt is inputlirc [3]. Is there hltkey workaround for Jaunty, other than using different keys to control the volume? Critical patch for Rescue and Recovery 4. Anthony Le lolzantz wrote on ThinkVantage Password Manager 4.

How to Manage Wireless on Lenovo Laptops

Comparison video The only tools you need for servicing a ThinkPad are a set of small screwdrivers and a nylon spudger for taking the screen and keyboard bezels offand possibly a pair of tweezers.


I would be glad if you can fix this issue, this is the only bug what I have found in Jaunty: The remaining discussion gives you various more complicated ways to achieve the same thing.

This file is usually read by the X session startup scripts of your system, so that the mappings automatically get included everytime you run the X server. I will post if I get any further The following table shows the keycodes generated by the ThinkPad special keys and sensible keysyms to assign them to.

I confirm lebovo workaround works on IBM T Chris Coulson chrisccoulson wrote on This bug report is a duplicate of: The Command you need for Next Tab is gBrowser. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The following table gives an overview over the special keys found on ThinkPads and what is needed to make them work. Paganini nebanks wrote on