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The white bishop could be Nines or the werewolf cant remember his name but he is a white wolf after all My theories of course. Did this help at all? I signed away my rights once, and it landed my ass in a southeast Asian jungle with nothin’ but an M16 and a shitload of questions. And further, on the mention of Malkavians, I reject aspects of the clan such as pranks and fishmalks. At the end of the game, a cutscene is shown with Jack watching the Venture Tower from afar and laughing, with the corpse of Messerach next to him; in the last moments of the game, the Cab Driver appears unexpectedly behind him, bearing a smoky black aura that no other character in the game displays, and repeating his earlier line:

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Xiao’s guards then point their guns at the fledgling; Ming Xiao taunts the fledgling, saying, “Do you really think I could let you exist within OUR Society? There’s no definitive answer on who the ‘friend’ is, and every theory requires some stretching; this is just my favourite version.

I figured they were low key, creepy, and perfect for what I was going for. I find it strange that a skeleton was left behind in his case, whereas all other Kindred killed in the game disintegrate completely. Why’s no one ever wonder about the PC?

Not sure about who sent the mails, but if that’d be Alistair Grout, yeah, he still loved his wife, even though, he was embraced several decades ago that wasn’t the unique case in VTM, though, Christof loved Malkavia for centuries. Inslght the lord set a mark upon Caine lest any finding him should kill him and the mark was Log in or sign up in seconds.


According to the description, that mod allows you to hear the whispers in the game as if you were playing malkavian.

The rest of the Anarchs are hotheaded. He is the first vampire who has his name revealed in the game if the subtitles are active. I bet you get all over the place don’t ya? I’m trying to think of a subplot involving them but I can’t remember it.

Also what do you think is the “best” or “true” ending?

Ming Xiao is cold, ruthless and devious; however, she does seem to care for her fellow Kuei-jin and the people of Chinatown. I honestly cannot say for certain whether the cabbie is Cain one thing I do know is he seems more aware of the world of darkness then malkkavian mortals.

I like your mod, but the whole non-passive Malkavian “Insight” thing is really annoying. Hi, I think the mod he’s talking about is the Malkavian whispering voices mod. Skelter is a character in Vampire: Most people say Jack or cabbie Cain; personally, I don’t like the Jack suggestion. I always thought it was Strauss who was sending the emails. Page 1 of 2.

The master A true master has played the entire game before the first move.


Cab Driver

I should reload them just as fast as i run right? Cain on the otherhand would want him stopped either to safeguard his own powers as the first and most powerful vampire or to prevent lecroix from becoming a tyrant.

A Malkavian fledgling shows an immediate instinctual terror towards the cab driver, suggesting that their clan’s unique insight has led them to recognize him as Caine. In his recordings, he spoke about making ‘preparations’ for the threat on his life; yet, looking through the mansion, nothing of the sort seems readily apparent.

Question about the “Malkavian Insight”

The elder Malkavian of the city using Astral Projection and Telepathy to contact and summon the other Malkavians of the domain for a clan meeting should seem strange and weird to non-Malkavians when they happen, but is actually just mundane use of normal powers. The Masquerade — Bloodlines. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Nines Rodriguez Damsel Smiling Jack.

Originally posted by Bloodartist:. In the end, the ‘friend’ is whoever you end up thinking fits best. Or stay in the Camarilla under Strauss?

LaCroix will then tell the fledgling that they are a traitor and that the Kuen-Jin are going to kill all of their kind, and that they’ve “sealed our fate.