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Hence the local net results, below Code: The compiled version worked great on all machines except the C3 processor. So you need to use the precompiled driver packages for testing. A “Confirmation” window pops up. Beware of allergic reactions in answer to unconstructive complaint-type posts. This is an update on a few days ago as I found that the latest kernel was trying to install the older MadWifi module at boot time and failing.

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Again difficult to measure but this may explain the improved rendering performance. Copy the downloaded files to your home folder and execute the following commands consecutively in a terminal to extract and install the firmware: It is in fact bluetoothd which does not run on the initialisation of the internal Broadcom BT device. Posted September 20, edited. Hook tower up to the internet.

b43 and b43legacy

I’ve tried Songbird which looks good but will never be completed precompilled to the developers stopping support of Linux. Thanks guys for the fix!

Right now uname reads uname -a Linux localhost 2. On this machine where it does not work, ndiswrapper -l gives: In the end this precojpiled failed for me. Also, I believe I updated the kernel in my installation, I think it was 2.


Given a package I need to install, how do you recommend I get it to the tower?

Edited January 11, by CxOrg. I have found the larger 12″ screen NC20 Netbook?

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This will not be necessary once btusb loads correctly the first precompilwd Unable to find network interface for selected device using bcma driver MCC Hardware tab reports that the driver in use is ‘bcma’ I’d expected wl, but the machine is seeing the chipset and recommends I install bcma-config, I clicked ‘yes’.

No joy, still doesn’t see the ‘network interface’. Experimentation here will give you what you want with the sources.

en/users/Drivers/b43 – Linux Wireless

Not being able to resist an upgrade I configured the repositories from the MIB site. Booting on the older kernel then removing the 2. However, I’m considering it for my wife when she’s due for a replacement: I hope this helps.

A “Confirmation” window pops up. Ask here your questions about advanced usage of Mageia. Although currently, I’m still using a laptop because here where I live in Poland, the price for a netbook precompilsd still really expensive compared to getting a laptop.


I might be able to help you out here.

Mageia forum • View topic – [DONE} install Broadcom wireless driver offline

The Mageia5 driver is older than this version and I thought for a while about trying to build a driver myself. That opens mamdriva “Set up a new network interface” window.

Edited November 14, by CxOrg. On discovery of the excellent kde4-style-qtcurve to style application windows and features, I became more interested in getting all applications to use this same styling. To be sure we have all the components installed, check you have the following: While some packages may have been installed, there were failures.

I unplug from one and plug into the other. I prefer to use the distribution version and only compile when I have to. This is how I did it, fetching all the packages required for broadcom propr. Select all [root localhost ] rfkill list all 0: