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Select and set the interval by day, which will guide the system to reboot automatically according to the setups. Read our privacy policy. In case, users use multiple cameras to record, every camera works separately and the record file also saved separately. The data preview area at the center gives details of the record files. After entering, please select database to repair. Users should firstly enable the P. Login Remote Playback System

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DVR/NVR Q-See QSPDVR04 user’s manuals in pdf

Stop Bits Default value is 1. Data bits Default value is 8 D. Every Group includes multiple Preset points. Protocol Communication protocol of P. Playback Program Installation Process Rate Click button near ‘Zoom’ button to zoom in the locale picture of this camera. When there is no movement, the system will qqspdvr04 record and that is helpful for saving system resource, and convenient for searching for event record file. Time modl If selecting the check box, record time will be displayed on the screen when playing back the record 4.


The software supports auto-reboot. Coupons are not applicable to prior orders. Main Layout of PCam If all the partitions are full and recycling record mode has been enabled, the new data will overwrite the former recorded data automatically. Please refer to Fig7. Big Screen Holding Time The corresponding channel jodel be full screen when alarm triggered.

Q-See 4 Channel PC Based Network DVR PCI Card Model QSPDVR04 | eBay

Icon Description means the dome rotate up. When multi-client accessed the system configuration interface simultaneous, the user who enters into that interface priority and then others will lack of accessing rights.

Click to return to the main display interface. Nevermind Submit My Request.

Please log in first to the program. Sensor alarm record mode 1 Error! Figure Preset Clicka pop-pup window as following will appear: In case user need to playback 9 channels at the same time, then click and the following channel configuration window will appear, as below: Full screen alarm Users can select whether channel will be full screen when alarm triggered.

Users can select the stream according mldel their bandwidth.

Buzzer Users can select whether to open the computer buzzer if the alarms have been triggered and also select how long the buzzer rings 2. They have the same right list as power user. Click and make corresponding print setup as below: We just sent an email to you!


The software support auto-reboot. If some settings are wrong, there will pop up corresponding warning message. If users have mounted sensors, when the sensors have been activated, then it will trigger the selected output alarms. When there are some TD card connect together, please connect the line as following figure.

Manual Recording Frame Rate Select the record frame rate for manual record mode. Users can select one or more of the partitions that will be used in sequence from up to bottom.

In qapdvr04 upper circle, there are five function buttons, i. Thank you for submitting your review! Sensor Holding Time The continuous recording time after sensor stopped 6.